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G-Dragon’s masterpieces > Coup D’etat.


he saw the chance and took it like his life depended on it

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BREAKING: Jessica releases first official statement after being expelled from Girls’ Generation



In the latest breaking news, Jessica has finally broken her silence after posting on Weibo and released an update to the media in the form of a letter. 

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Shaking my head SO HARD at anyone who stops supporting GD because he is potentially dating Kiko. That is just the most ridiculous and petty thing I’ve ever seen so called ‘fans’ do. No one is asking you to like her, you can think what you want about it, but if you are so superficial and immature as to stop being a fan for that reason alone then what exactly were you even a fan of to begin with?

His music, his artistry, has nothing to do with his personal life and choices. Does him dating effect his music quality and talent to you? Does him dating effect how he treats his fans at concerts? Does him dating in any way shape or form effect his stance as one of Korea’s most iconic celebrities? What are you so scared of that you would back down because of this? I am honestly asking this question because I legitimately don’t understand how people can think that this somehow is going to change him for the worse and keep him from ever showing his face in public. If you are seeing a negative change in him, it is NOT because of him dating, it is because of how people like you are reacting to him dating.

You are doing this to him, you are the bad person in this situation, not Kiko. If they are dating, it is because she makes him happy and he makes her happy and that should be enough. If you cannot understand that, then maybe it’s better you leave because you obviously don’t care about his personal well being outside his fame. If you think GD owes you in some way, then his payment is in the music he produces for us to listen to; that is the only thing he has ever owed to us as a musician. Wanting more than that, taking more than that and assuming you own him…. that is stealing. You are robbing GD of a life and that is the lowest thing a ‘fan’ can do. Shame on you.


i would rather have yg tell us the full truth about seungri rather than having him sugarcoat it and say a man with internal bleeding is ok



rare footage of g-dragon coming out of YG building